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2021 Innovative Procurement-Government Innovative Application Sharing Session X avilon

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Thanks for the invitation of the 2021 Innovative Procurement-Government Innovative Application Sharing Session. This year startup teams all of Taiwan are invited to deliver speech on smart security & care. It's a great honor for avilon intelligence and Taitung County Fire Department to be invited to participate in this session, and share the Practical experience and results of using Gryphon.

Taitung County is full of high mountains and rushing streams. The beautiful scenery attracts many tourists to travel every year, but also cause accidents occur in the mountains, waters and sea areas. In order to strengthen various disaster rescue functions and carry out disaster prevention, Taitung County Fire Department purchased avilon's drones into rescue equipment. Our drones provide a low-cost, easy-to-operate and remote control solution in search and rescue operations.

Use Gryphon to throw life jackets on steep rivers and coasts, and transmit long-distance video streaming, let the commander got the first information from the scene of disaster and acceleratethe judgment of the follow-up action, and then make a real-time voice call with the field operators through the mobile ground station APP to avoid missing the golden hour.

On the eve of typhoons and torrential rains, the fire station can use the drones to conduct emergency evacuation and traffic diversion operations at the scene where traffic is inconvenient .

avilon intelligence drones are not only made by MIT, but also pass the strict information security certification, so that each drone's flight mission can safely achieve its goals!

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