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《How can avilon makes managing autonomous drone fleet as easy as clicks on screen?》

Updated: Sep 2

It's such a great honor to have an interview from DIGITIMES Asia.

avilon intelligence is a company creates an industrial autonomous drone and fleet management solution that lets clients get repeatable and reliable missions from anywhere in the world, even in GPS-denied environments.

We provide autonomous drone solutions for customer to "manage" their drones doing various missions, such as goods delivery, inspection, and security. Our UAVs can conduct every day or every hour by themselves. The only human intervention was hitting the start button on the tablet/phone. Besides, UAV can locate the position and control to different waypoints (point of interest) by itself. When UAV has a low battery, it can go back to the charging station. All actions are automatic.

So far, we got prize on drone delivery competition in Taiwan, and our drone with 4G/5G compatible system has won the third prize of Qualcomm competition.


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◾website: https://www.avilon.co/

◾telephone number: 06-2665429

◾email : service@avilon.co

◾Line : @936noknv

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