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Prevent firefighting grief and grasp the golden hour rescue with drones- avilon x IAAI

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

In addition to the fascinating story of firefighters, the Taiwanese drama《 Tears on Fire》 also made more Taiwanese people pay attention to the safety of fire rescue after the drama was broadcast. How to rescue immediately and maintain the safety of firefighters at the same time , has become a link that cannot be ignored in disaster relief work!

avilon intelligence is honored to be invited by the IAAI(INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ARSON INVESTIGATORS,INC.) on 2021/11/20 to share with members [UAV aerial photography application in fire field investigation].

The drone can quickly arrive at the scene and assess the current situation, avoiding fire trucks delaying the golden hour due to traffic congestion. Using monitor to lock the fire source, and through our fleet management system, which can share the video streaming to the remote Rescue Command Center. It enables firefighters to avoid the waste of resources and time caused by wrong assignments, to more accurately judge the disaster situation, to speed up the judgment of subsequent rescue actions, and to develop disaster countermeasures.

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