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The first MIT automatic indoor inspection drone solution-2022 THS

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

2022台灣五金展 avilon 與所有 Qualcomm 競賽團隊

On October 19-21, at the 2022 THS (Taiwan Hardware Show) in Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, avilon intelligence demonstrated the latest indoor inspection drone solutions, creating the first MIT automated indoor drone from system, body to the software in Taiwan!

Our indoor inspection drone solution can assist operators to ascend to another stage of smart industries, and easily complete inspections of the factory environment and equipment in a low-cost and high-efficiency manner.


✒|How to save a lot of operating costs for the factory?

▪Reduce the need for manual operations

Large-scale factories and the factories across counties and cities are often difficult to centrally manage for real-time inspections. Through this solution, only one manager is required to control all drones in different fields, and complete the inspection of all factories with only one-click. Without relying on a lot of manpower, a large amount of real-time information can be obtained.

▪Replace the high-risk manual operations

In the past, hidh-altitude inspections had to be carried out manually by stting up scaffolds. In addition to saving costs, inspections by drones can also replace manpower to perform more dangerous operations. It also inspects old and damaged large machinery, pipelines and other equipment, or performs inventory and space calculations for storage shelves.


▪Real-time monitoring of factory

The drone can automatically patrol the factory building and record the screen, and take detailed photos of specific locations or targets. Automatically detects the location and QRcode of the goods, the real-time video captured by the drone will be synchronously sent back to the manager's mobile device superior. Managers can grasp the drone inspection progress and view historical images at any time and place.


▪3D reporting

The image information captured by the drone can automatically generate a 3D model map to help the industry calculate the volume of the goods and evaluate the remaining space on the shelf, making the planning of goods more efficient.

▪AI intelligent factory detection

In addition to automatic inspections, drone can also intelligently generate reports to help managers quickly obtain the required information.

  • Warehouse management - The type, quantity, and even volume and weight of goods can be identified through images to help optimize shelf management and more accurately grasp the arrangement of incoming and outgoing goods

  • Factory inspection - Regular equipment inspections by drones can be used to identify problems such as rust, damage, or dents, effectively reducing the occurrence of large-scale accidents

  • Public security maintenance - UAVs can be used to conduct patrol inspections on whether the staff in the factory are wearing appropriate protective gear, such as checking if they are wearing safety helmets, etc.


✒|Where can it be applied?

▪Factory inspection ▪Instant police report ▪Building structure inspection ▪Bridge inspection ▪Warehouse inventory management ▪Security inspection



Please contact us if you want to get more information about our drone!


▪offical YouTube channel : ▪tel: 06-2665429

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▪Line : @936noknv

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