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By just two steps! avilon's drone can compelete a fully automated smart inspection of power towers

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avilon intelligence | power tower inspection in Tainan

Taiwan has a strong reliance on eletricity, with tens of thousands of power towers across the island. The supply of electricity directly affects people's daily lives. Since the serious electric outage, the maintenance of electric towers has become a significant concern for pubilc.

Traditional maintenance of power towers relies on manual inspections where workers climb up to the towers. This method not only consumes a lot of time and energy, but also has low efficiency. Moreover, the workers are exposed to high levels of danger while performing their tasks. To ensure a stable supply of electricity for the public, how to carry out periodic inspections efficiently and safely has become a major issue.

To this end, Taiwan Power Company has implemented drone-bassed smart inspections in recent years, and trained professionals in related fields to enhance the effevtiveness of inspections and ensure the stability of power transmission lines. Drone can easily access high places and conduct comprehensive inspections and scans of a large area with no blind spots, accurately identifying faults or detecting potential hazards, thus replacing the need for human labor.

The power tower inspection plan of avilon uses high-magnification cameras to observe power equipment and tower structures such as cable wires and insulators more delicately and clearly, and analyze whether there are problems such as damage or corrosion. In addition, thermal imaging cameras can be used to analyze temperature abnormalities caused by poor contact or damage to equipment.

Through avilon's fully automated drone smart inspection solution, inspection personnel can complete the inspection task in just two steps! After setting up the flying path with the app on a tablet or phone, they only need to click one botton to launch the drone. The drone will then execute the mission according to the planned route and instructions without the need for manual control, significantly reducing the operational difficultly.

At the same time, the video footage captured by the drone is streamed in real-time back to the operator's mobile device. This enables inspectors to analyze the live feed and formulate maintenance plans to improve operational efficiency and quality.


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