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[UAV's quick Knowledge]avilon's Drone Fleet Management System

奧榮科技機隊管理系統 自動化無人機 協作任務
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management

For large-scale mission operations, several drones need to be equipped to save relative operating time. However, the drone fleet often requires many operators to conduct one-on-one control, which makes it difficult to effectively save labor costs during the mission process. At the same time, it may increase a lot of communication. For this reason, avilon's fleet management system has become one of the important auxiliary tools in dispatch tasks.

無人機機隊管理系統 整合系統 自動化無人機
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management

avilon's drone fleet management system is a multi-faceted management system that takes into account organization, control, coordination and command in management.

The system can help users master all drone movements and data. Through the exclusive image transmission technology, it breaks the traditional point-to-point limitation (image transmission system knowledge portal), so that operator can control and monitoring in an unlimited distance from the remote end. With the collaboration function, the manager can discuss the planning and modification of the route with operator online, making the operation process more flexible and reducing the cost of communication and professional dispatch.

Integrate intelligence information in one hand

Through the exclusive 4G/5G image transmission technology, managers can remotely operate drones or watch real-time video streaming of each drone on the fleet management system from a first-person perspective.

One operator can control dozens of drones, and at the same time view all the operating information of the aircraft, including the working position, altitude, network signal and safety warning status.

The fleet management screen can be simultaneously shared to different viewers' mobile devices, so that all team members can grasp complete information to facilitate follow-up mission planning.

無人機機隊管理系統  掌握即時無人機資訊 一位操作員即可控制數台無人機
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management

Flexible Control:Remote Collaboration

We have observed that the most time-consuming process in flight missions is communication & discussion. The fleet management system breaks the restrictions on the operating range of drones through network image transmission, enabling workers in different countries and cities to operate and observe drones. In addition, drone missions can be collaborated on the different mobile device, and the built-in voice call can be used to discuss with the team in real time to dispatch missions more flexibly.

無人機機隊管理系統 遠端控制 遠程協作
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management


1. The manager can dispatch drones to carry out reconnaissance operations, and then dispatch other drones to assist after confirming the scene situation.

2. Simultaneously dispatch a large number of drones to perform different tasks in various places, and observe the execution of the drones through the system. When one of them completes the task, it can be dispatched through the system, so that the drones can go to another place for support action.

無人機機隊管理系統 彈性派遣無人機 無人機調度 協同作業
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management

Simplify operation:Automated system

There is a certain threshold for drone operation. After obtaining a professional operating license, the actual manual remote control is still a big challenge for many operators.

The fleet management system assists users in simplifying the operation process, enabling drones to perform scheduled and fixed-point automated tasks, and users can choose appropriate route settings, such as: waypoint planning, grid search, pointing flight, etc.

After the mission planning is completed, the operator only needs to click one button to take off, and the UAV can carry out the fully automated mission according to the previously arranged path; if the mission needs to be modified temporarily, it can also be reflected immediately through the mobile device to adjust the mission.

無人機機隊管理系統 簡化無人機操作 自動化無人機 定時定點無人機任務 全自動化無人機
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management

High-quality manufacturing in Taiwan Information:security guarantee

As the information network gradually fills every corner of people's lives, whether it is government departments, companies or ordinary people, the emphasis on information security is even more important. The UAV solutions provided by avilon, from hardware, flight control to software, are all independently developed and produced by the company.

In addition to production in Taiwan, product testing is also carried out regularly. The fleet management system has passed strict mobile application software security testing, only to provide all customers with a safe and reliable product guarantee.

In addition to providing users with complete products, when the operator has doubts about using the drone, the avilon team can assist customers online to quickly make a preliminary diagnosis and help troubleshoot the problem.

無人機機隊管理系統 資安檢測 行動應用app資安檢測 無人機資安
【無人機知識懶人包】無人機機隊管理系統-avilon drone fleet management


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