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High Performance and stable system


High performance and stable system


Small size for more possible 


Gryphon EX

Born for delivery



STEAM education drone for kids


Ariel Mapping

Information Sharing Platform

Through the aviconGS APP, you can quickly complete the flight path planning on the mobile device and quickly execute the drone mission.

Our UAS can share mission information and video with multiple users. To make central manager supervise drone mission status.

RTK Enable

The GNSS RTK positioning system is a high-precision positioning system that uses carrier phase difference technology to achieve an ultra-high precision positioning system. Its characteristics improve the accuracy of drone positioning, allowing users to deploy drones more accurately to perform tasks.

Fleet Managment

Users can see information such as the location, height, and task content of the drone in real-time. And through the built-in voice call, the central control center can directly communicate with on-site operators, reducing communication costs.


In order to increase the accuracy of landing and reduce the difficulty of landing operations, we have developed a precise landing pad system. It is hoped that by increasing autonomous level of UAS, the operation process will be simplified, task safety will be improved, and the possibility of large-scale UAS deployment will be increased.

Variiety Payload Ccontrol

Compatible with multiple types of payloads, such as hanging system, cargo throwing system, dual-vision payload composed of thermal image and visible light, optical zoom camera, full-frame camera, megaphone system, emergency lighting system, Warning and alarm system.

Ground Control
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